Green Climbers Home, Thakek (Laos)

Stay at the crack in a chilled-out atmosphere
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The climbing hostel “Green Climbers Home” was built and re-built by a german couple and combines simple, local accommodation with laid back atmosphere surrounded by rocks. If you love fresh, asian food, having lot’s of chilled climbers around you and don’t need luxury, this is your place to stay if you like to go climbing in Thakek.


This Climbing Hostel offers various types of accommodation like tents, beds in a dorm as well as small, private Bungalows. Everything is clean, but you might make friends with some ants in the bathroom. 🙂

If you’d like to visit Green Climbers Home in the main season (Dec-Jan), make sure to book in advance.  The word of mouth, and probably some articles in climbing magazines, made this place very demanding.

Update: Now there is a second Camp just a few hundred meters aways. It also offers Bungalows and dorms, but all with shared bathroom. Prices and food are the same. People in Camp 2 seem to be slightly younger and more into party every now and then. That was the snapshot we took when we’ve been in Camp 1 again for 10 days 03/2017.


The prices are happily low. From 4,50 € per night in a tent up to max. 22 € for a private bungalow in high season. If you are a foodist, you can feast all day for just a couple of Euros. Try the Pad Thai and the Laotian Noodle Soup for breakfast! *yammi*


Gear rental

In case you don’t want to bring all your own gear or there is just no more space left in your rucksack beside all the Pumps, Make-Up and Selfie-Sticks ;-), you rent ropes, quickdraws, shoes and helmets.

Climbing courses

If you like to improve your climbing technique or start climbing from scratch, you can book a climbing course from 40 € for 1/2 day.

Bike Rental

If you’d like to explore some of the closer Caves or go swimming in the river, rent a bike and just cycle there. Cheaper and greener than renting a motorbike in town.


In 2013 the camp burned down during New Years Eve. Luckily nobody got hurt but it was a shock for Uli and Tanja, their staff and the climbers. We attended the blessing by a Laotan guy some days before, seems like it was not the right course he’d spoken. Thanks to a lot of donations from the climbing scene and sponsors like Skylotec, the camp was re-built a year later.  Unfortunately only 2 years later the main building of the camp burned down again, with all the gear and stuff of the two owners.


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Thakhek Khammouane LA
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How to get thereBy Airplane from Bangkok to Nakhon Phanom. Then take the bus (2 hrs) or a taxi (50 min.) to Thakek.
Getting around
If you want to see more of the spectacular landscape around, rent a motorcycle.